What are Apes In Space NFTs?

Apes in Space is one of the fastest-growing communities in the NFT space. Holders of Apes In Space NFTs will be entitled to the following perks and benefits.


Staking Rewards For Holders

Apes in Space token holders will be able to stake their NFTs in exchange for a native token $TKOFF unique to the project, which will be used for a number of utilities in the future. These utilities will only be accessible through the use of the native tokens.


Land ownership in the Metaverse (Sandbox)

Upon sell-out, Apes In Space will acquire land in the Metaverse in Sandbox. This will allow holders of Apes In Space to be able to organize Hip-Hop festivals in the Metaverse. Lucky Apes in Space holders will get to own 69% of 1 full square of land.

The remaining 31% will be owned by the rest of the community. Therefore, by owning a Space Ape, you will also own a portion of land in the Sandbox Metaverse.

Apes in Space will organize the biggest Hip-Hop festivals in the Metaverse, with the main guest being the founder of Apes In Space 'Takeoff', who will be performing alongside other renowned artists in the industry. All Apes in Space holders will be able to attend the event for free.

Metaverse Assets

The Apes in Space project will create avatars and items to be integrated in the Metaverse. We aim to become a top IP in the Metaverse, and we plan to have multiple integrations in this space over the course of the next few months.

Takeoff To Space

One lucky Apes in Space holder will join Takeoff on a real-life space journey. The lucky owner will get to meet the Migos rapper in person and become the first person to orbit in space with one of the most talented artist in the space.


Apes In Space Team

The Apes in Space team has years of experience in the marketing and digital space. With Takeoff (1/3 of Migos) as part of the team, the Apes in Space project has more connections in the NFT space than any other collection.


Apes In Space NFT Takeoff

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Apes In Space Contract



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