Rak Wireless Goldspot Helium HNT Miner Limited Edition

Introducing The Rak Wireless Goldspot Miner Limited Edition

  • The largest 8GB RAM means extra headroom for unforeseen blockchain challenges. Increase your chances to be mining when others cannot.

  • Dedicated Premium Goldspot Discord for fast track access to our support.

  • Expedited miner replacements in the event of hardware faults.

  • Exclusive Goldspot features in future firmware releases.

  • A shiny, Instagrammable miner. We all know this is the most important.

 Rak HNT Helium Miner

Order Your Goldspot MNTD Rak Miner Here



  • How long is shipping time?

    Hanna T.
  • When is the gold one shipping?

    Peter R.
  • How much is the gold one?!

    Anthony G.
  • The gold one looks dope!

    Sami A.

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